Group Therapy for Gay Men

Since 1978, Will Swift has offered group psychotherapy for gay men in New York City. Group sessions meet weekly at Will's office in Manhattan. A brief description of group therapy is shown below. If you'd like to join a group, or have questions, please contact Dr. Swift at 212.517.6942 or





  • Need a supportive community to help you move forward with your goals
  • Are in a difficult transition- leaving a relationship, adjusting to a new job or city
  • Find yourself dating guys who are a bad match
  • Wonder how you come across to other gay men
  • Feel confused or unmotivated about changing your career or life focus
  • Feel like you don't fully belong in the gay world
  • Are too critical of yourself and worry that you are not good enough
  • Allow your fears of rejection to stop you from getting what you want
  • Have trouble coping with feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Need help getting over childhood peer rejection or family trauma





When you join one of my groups, you will find that the other group members become family in the best sense of the word: challenging and encouraging you thoughtfully and honestly. It is helpful to discover the differences between your version of yourself and other group members' view of you. We also have a lot of laughs along the way.

Group is a safe place where you can change how you think about yourself and can practice new ways of expressing yourself. It  can be particularly helpful when you are in transition (leaving or beginning a relationship, changing careers, dating, coming out, giving up bad habits) or in helping you to become "unstuck" so that you can make a change. You get direct feedback from your peers about any distortions in your thinking (the group challenges the idea that you will never have a lover again after a relationship ends) as well as direct evidence about how other group members handle or view specific problems (how to confront a boss, when not to come out, when to have sex with someone new, etc.).


Some gay men come to group to learn how to be comfortable dealing with groups, other gay men or groups of gay men. In group you can begin to see how you maintain your sense of isolation by minimizing your similarities with the other group members and dwelling on the differences. 

Sometimes learning not to express a part of your self (being gay) teaches you not to express your feelings in other areas. You can learn to express your  vulnerability and tender feelings as well as  differing opinions and negative feelings. Group members help each other to work through worries, disappointments, and loneliness as well as a wide variety of self-image issues including:

  • meeting and dating appropriate men
  • combining sex and intimacy
  • building a satisfying social network
  • quieting the harsh inner critic
  • coping with conflict and challenges in relationships
  • coming out
  • sexual compulsiveness
  • career challenges and changes
  • anxiety and depression


You should be prepared to make a significant commitment of time in order to get the benefits of more intimate feedback from the group. It takes the first couple of months to get the lay of the land. The group asks for a minimum commitment of three months (twelve sessions) before deciding whether the group is benefiting you enough to continue in it.


If you have an individual therapist, you are welcome to join group as long as your therapist is willing to communicate with Dr. Swift when necessary. Some group members also have individual therapy sessions with Dr. Swift while others only attend group. Depending on needs and finances, some schedule private sessions weekly, some bi-weekly, while others have an individual session when needed during a crisis.


To schedule a consultation with Will Swift or for more information please call (212) 517-6942
or email